School Directory


College Leadership Team
Principal Mrs Angela Hay
Assistant Principal
Innovation, Teaching & Learning
Mr Jason Scanlon
Assistant Principal
Mission & Wellbeing
Mr Matthew Paton 
Leader of Studies and Learning Analytics Miss Sarah Hagarty
Instructional Leader Ms Katherine Maish
Business Manager Ms Vicki Fraser


Pastoral Leaders of Learning
Year 7 Mr Jared Hornby
Year 8 Mr Paul Sheppard
Year 9 Mr David Berner
Year 10 Mr David Bonora
Year 11 Ms Cathy Mollace
Year 12 Mr Simon Belcher
Counsellor Ms Suzan Boulattouf
Sport Ms Daniella Liska


KLA Leaders of learning
Religious Education
Mr Jason Scanlon
English Mrs Loraine Pett
HSIE Ms Therri Ellison
Languages Ms Cecile Dunston
Mathematics Mrs Valentine Alexis
Performing Arts
Ms Trudy Andrews
Mr Dean Calabrese
Learning Support and Enrichment
Paul Sheppard
Karen Martin
Science Ms Sarah Hagarty
VET Ms Teresa McGlenchy
TAS Ms Natalie Hutchinson
Visual Arts Mrs Sally Donnelly


College Administration
Student Services Mrs Jan Stewart
Mrs Debbie Jefferson

Book Loan/ Printing/ Uniform Shop Mrs Debbie Jefferson
Communications Mrs Cathy Le Mottee
Enrolments Mrs Jan Muggleton
Finance Secretary
Mrs Lesley Long  
Curriculum Administration  Mrs Cathy Le Mottee
Ms Rolla Wadih
Principal’s Secretary Mrs Therese Ledesma
School Fees Administrator Ms Rolla Wadih  


Teachers Ms Katie Scotford
Ms Michelle Trefler
Mr George Masi
Ms Magaret O'Donnell
TA Mrs Barbara Azar


College Captains & Vice Captains
College Captains Rebecca Ozer & Theodore Suguita
Vice-Captains Greta White and Jonathan Nakad


Chloe Bou Serhal
Claudia Broekmans
Sarah Brown
Adrian Lizzio
Ashley Mejalli
Elaine Nakhle
Brittney Raad
Eric Saba
Gabriella Vancuylenberg

House Captains
Monique Bovino and Megan Fallan
James Broekmans and Annalise Schiraldi
Monique Fallico and
Santia Palazzolo
Olivia Bailey and
Sophie Hunter
Niamh Gallagher and Aiden Micallef
Paul Morrison and
Mitchell Moses



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Please feel free to contact St Patrick's Marist College, Dundas by email or phone 02 8841 7900 weekdays between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm.

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Contact Us

  • Please feel free to contact St Patrick's Marist College, Dundas by email or phone 02 8841 7900 weekdays between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm.

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