School Directory


College Leadership Team
Principal Mrs Angela Hay
Assistant Principal
Innovation, Teaching & Learning
Mr Jason Scanlon
Assistant Principal
Pastoral Care and Administration
Mr Simon Belcher
Director of Mission Mr Matthew Paton
Director of Studies
Ms Therri Ellison
Business Manager
Therese Ledesma


Pastoral Leaders of Learning
Year 7 Ms Cathy Mollace
Year 8 Mrs Amy Papoulias
Year 9 Mr David Berner
Year 10 Mr Simon Belcher
Year 11 Mr Paul Quigley
Year 12 Mr David Bonora
Counsellor Ms Suzan Boulattouf
Sport Ms Daniella Liska


KLA Leaders of learning
Religious Education
Mr Matthew Paton
English Ms Emily Gray
History Mrs Jennifer Whelan
Languages Ms Cecile Dunston
Mathematics Mr Albert Makram
Performing Arts
Ms Trudy Andrews
Mr Aron Dent
Library Mr Michael Wondracz
Learning Support and Enrichment
Paul Sheppard &
Karen Martins
Science Ms Sarah Hagarty
Social Sciences Mr Laurie Grech
VET Ms Teresa McGlenchy
TAS Ms Natalie Hutchinson
 ​Information Technology  Mr Andrew Woelfl
Visual Arts Ms Edwina Brennan


College Administration
Administration Mrs Cathy Le Mottee
Mrs Jan Stewart
Mrs Rolla Van Zeeland
Book Loan/ Printing/ Uniform Shop Mrs Debbie Jefferson
Bursar Mrs Lesley Long
Enrolments Mrs Jan Muggleton
Principal’s Secretary Mrs Therese Ledesma


College Captains & Vice Captains
College Captains TBA
Vice-Captains TBA




House Captains
Chavoin Edwin Ludovic



Record of Senior Student Leaders

Year Captains Vice-Captain/s
1985 P. Pittioni H. Simmons
1986 M.G. Pickering M.R della Vedova and C.T Isaac
1987 P. E. Gardner G.D Nicoll
1988 M. J. Cunneen J.L. Hogg
1989 R. Collins S.L Walters and J.M Austin
1990 Lisa King Matthew Dick and Rachael Horrigan
1991 Adam Loong Kristen Adolphe and Ainslie Old.eld
1992 Justin Cuneen Kylie Eatell and Belinda Sampson
1993 Alison Camilleri Anoop Kanthan and Sharyn Lynch
1994 Kim Akhurst Jane O’Connor and Chris Sobb
1995 Simon Della Vedova Peter Perez and Lisa Munoz
1996 John Cozzolino Elizabeth Gillett and Steven Hochbaum
1997 Shannon Mitchell Denis Loh and Debra Mangano
1998 Kate Fitzpatrick Joseph Duncan and Alix Stirling
1999 Alison Eslick Sarah Small and Daniel Wojciechowski
2000 Colin McLeod Robyn Alexander and Jessica Eslick
2001 Christopher Cuevas Jane Gurney and Phillip Nakad
2002 Janine Balite Marika Mothersole and Luke McCaskie
2003 Jude Adikari Jodie Lower and Paul Hopley
2004 Dermot Doyle Liam Duncan and Lauren Wobby
2005 Joshua Gum Lauryn Gray and Tyrone Dutt
2006 Brad Martin Shannan Langford Salisbury and Monica Liesch
2007 Lorenzo Bruzzese Edan Langford Salisbury and Fatima Paras
2008 Lorandana Celestino David Astalosh and Jake Hawken
2009 James Wilson Megan Lower and Ricky Raad
2010 Zachary Hanna Patrick Mazzolo and Kate Nightingale
2011 Raymond Bechara and Josephine Parsons Natalise Astalosh and Carlo Bruzzese
2012 Brodie Purdon & Matthew Vail Aimee Celestino & Nathan Bechara
2013 Lauren De Luca & Val Linsao Sophie Sanderson & Jonathan Nightingale
2014  Celeste Bayeh & Ian Astalosh  Meg Litherland & Gavan Huang
 Peter Wooden & Monica Gonzales  Adam Birol & Rebecca Moujalli



The following is a list of College Principals since the school transferred from The Rocks in 1962 to its current location at Dundas.

Years Principal
1962-67 Br Thomas Moore Davidson
1968-70 Br David Cunningham
1971-73 Br Anthony d’Arbon
1974-76 Br Noel Davis
1977-80 Br John O’Brien
1981-83 Br William Selden
1984-89 Br Ronald (Kevin) Blyth
1990-94 Br Michael Procajlo
1994-94 Br Anthony Galletta
1995-99 Br Peter Pemble
2000-02 Br David Hall
2003-12 Br Robert Sutton
2013 Mr Mark Tuffy
2014- Mrs Angela Hay



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Please feel free to contact St Patricks College by email or phone 02 9638 5644 weekdays between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm.

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Contact Us

  • Please feel free to contact St Patricks College by email or phone 02 9638 5644 weekdays between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm.

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