Dedicated Educators

Students at St Patrick's Marist Dundas benefit from a team of professional and dedicated educators.

The staff of St Patrick’s Marist College are highly skilled, enthusiastic and committed to providing the best learning opportunities for students. They foster exploration and innovation, drawing on students’ passions, talents and learning styles to create an education that cultivates the whole child -- academically, socially, and emotionally.

Our pursuit of best teaching and learning practice is supported by an extensive professional development program for all staff.

Teachers are lifelong learners themselves, and therefore know what it takes to develop a love of learning in your child. They meet each child where they are on their learning journey, and challenge and support them to become the best learner they can be. Led ably by our Leadership Team, St Patrick's Marist Dundas is well-placed to provide your child with a high quality education that prepares him or her for the future.

It is the quality of our teachers that makes all the difference.


College Leadership Team

Principal Paul Ryan
Assistant Principal Janina Starkey
Assistant Principal Matthew Paton
Religious Education Coordinator Dory Zaouk
Head of Teaching Veronica Aslanidis
Head of Analytics and Numeracy Valentine Jerald-Alexis
Head of Learning Steve Carr
Head of Administration Melissa Dodds
Business Manager Vicki Fraser


Leaders of Wellbeing

Year 7 Lauren Scott
Year 8 Simon Belcher
Year 9 Bruce Dominish/ David Bonora
Year 10 Cecile Dunston
Year 11 Nichole Padden
Year 12 Jared Hornby
Counsellors Helen Holubinskyj/ Veronica Morrison
Sports Coordinator Ryan James


Leaders of Learning

English Sarah Duffy/ Emily Beach
Mathematics Daniel Boulous
HSIE Peter Tusa
Languages Cecile Dunston
Literacy Dr Stephanie Thompson
Creative and Performing Arts Trudy Andrews
PDHPE Anthony Gray
Diversity Catherine Thomson
Science Damian Armitage
VET Tim Dickinson
Technologies Fiona Beauman


College Administration

Principal's Executive Assistant Lorraine McIndoe
Student Services Janice Stewart/ Deborah Jefferson
Printing / Uniform Shop Deborah Jefferson
Enrolments Janice Muggleton/ Anne Lambert
Finance Secretary Jenna Legg/ Lesley Long
KLA Administration Rolla Wadih/ Evangeline Lee
School Fees Administration Rolla Wadih
ICT Manager Pierre Vassallo La Rosa
ICT Assistant
Brendon Zaiter



Contact Us

If you wish to make an appointment with a member of the leadership team or a teacher please contact St Patrick’s Marist College weekdays between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm on 02 8841 7900 or email us.



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