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St Patrick's Marist offers the very latest resources and modern learning facilities to meet the needs of today's students

Students at St Patrick's Marist are given the benefit of a learning environment that reflects the world around them.

A gender-rich environment allows for diverse opinions and experiences to be expressed, and for young people to become comfortable and confident when expressing their views to a wide array of different people.



Facilities at St Patrick's Marist Dundas



Learning spaces and tools matched to student needs

Our College boasts a well-resourced and spacious campus offering students a variety of learning spaces to cater for their specific learning needs. These needs are constantly being reassessed and upgrades to the College remain ongoing as students require different facilities to support new types of learning.

Recently an industry standard hospitality and kitchen space was completed as well as new learning spaces shaped around the inquiry learning model.

The College embraces the latest technology to aid in learning and to ensure that students develop the skills to effectively use these tools. Students use iPads and laptops among other tools and the whole school community utilises wikis, blogs, online learning environments and other web based tools. We recognise that the most important technology skills we can offer our students are those that arm them with the ability to adapt to change, to learn new skills quickly and efficiently, and to take responsibility for their own use of technology.



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Come and see learning in action at St Patrick's Marist College!

We'd love a chance to show you how learning works for young people in our school. Our dedicated teachers plan the learning in detail to help each student do their best.

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